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Membership Benefits

The Alliance (ADHCE) is a national leader in advancing the availability of effective, appropriate and high-quality health care for persons with disabilities by promoting the inclusion of disability-related theory, research, and clinical learning experiences in health care training.

Becoming a member of ADHCE provides operational cost support for this not-for-profit organization. 

Joining the ADHCE provides benefits such as opportunities to:

  • Join informative monthly meetings via Zoom.

  • Your disability related scholarship and grants will be included as resources on our website.

  • Share disability content with colleagues across the country and beyond.

  • Collaborate with inter-professional faculty, researchers, clinicians, and advocates on projects of mutual interest, including publications, presentations, and grants.

  • Participate in a vibrant community of scholars, researchers, and advocates.

  • See Why Donate section for more information about how tax deductible donated funds are used

Don't forget to donate/pay below THANK YOU!

ADHCE Membership 

Benefits & Registration


JOIN/Donate/Cont. ADHCE Membership 

Membership is generally $50 per year

(greater amounts in donation are welcomed)

Donations are tax-deductible 

Students are eligible for a sliding scale membership fee, or free.

Click on your intention

To read about the benefits members enjoy, see website section:
Go to “About” then click “Membership Benefits”

Highly Encouraged but Optional Information

Please describe as applicable: your profession, healthcare area of expertise, employer, area of interest in disability education

After clicking on "SUBMIT" you will be taken to another page whereby following those directions allows completion of  payment/donation

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