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On May 7, 2022 Artists with disabilities donated their talent by creating artwork to highlight powerful women with disabilities and their stories of healthcare inequity in Raw Beauty Project’s latest exhibit, UNSTOPABLE.  This zoom exhibition illustrated the remarkable accomplishments of these women who often get stopped when trying to access basic and primary preventative healthcare.

If you attended this event or learned of via Raw Beauty Project UnStopABLE 
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What Do Donations Go Toward?

What programs will my donations fund?

The Alliance (ADHCE) is a non-for-profit national leader in advancing the availability of effective, appropriate and high quality health care for persons with disabilities by promoting the inclusion of disability-related theory, research, and clinical learning experiences in health care training.

Student Scholarships In Disability Research:

For the last three years, The Alliance for Disability in Healthcare Education (ADHCE) has offered scholarships to an individual or group of healthcare professional students (any discipline) with a program/project that enhances healthcare education in disabilities. 


Our most recent scholarships were awarded in 2020-2021. The Alliance awarded two scholarships, both projects were presented at our June 3, 2021 Annual Meeting. One scholarship was awarded to a group of students at Harvard University for their project: “Interdisciplinary development of a guidebook for clinical trainees to optimize care for patients with disabilities project”. 


The second scholarship was awarded to Carol Adams, a PhD student at Duquesne University for her “Nurses’ Self-Perceptions of Competence in Identifying, Assessing, and Reporting Sexual Violence in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: A Grounded Theory Study”.


To read more about our past awarded student scholarships  go to the "Students" tab, then click on "Student Scholarships".

Website Development

For resources and publication dissemination about best practices in disability healthcare

We are currently developing and upgrading an interactive website with paid staff to increase accessibility and better represent our mission, vision, values and principles. This will require ongoing website work efforts. We hope to at least double our membership. To do this, we set a fundraising goal of $5,000 for this next year.

Social Media Communicator

We currently welcome volunteers to communicate and disseminate relevant resources  about disabilities and healthcare education via social media. If our future budget allows in the future, a stipend payment may be available for this role.

We ask you to consider making a gift to the Alliance. Our recommended annual donation is $50, though we are happy to accept any amount (higher or lower). Students pay what their budget allows. We also ask you to forward our website address  to persons you know who may be interested to join The Alliance.

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