Alliance for Disability in Health Care Education Annual Meeting Held March 25, 2017

The Alliance held their annual meeting on the Rush University Campus in Chicago, Illinois. on March 25, 2017, following a two-day conference sponsored by Rush University in collaboration with University of Illinois at Chicago’s Department of Disability and Human Development. Sarah H. Ailey, Vice-President of the Alliance, was the principal investigator for Healthcare conference and many alliance members actively participated in the two-day conference. “Partnering to Transform Healthcare with People with Disabilities (PATH-PWD) – Improving Acute, Primary and Transitional Health care with People with Disabilities”. The purpose of the conference was: 1) to bring together key stakeholders in health care delivery with adults with disabilities, including researchers, providers, consumer advocates, policy makers, and insurers in order to reach consensus and provide recommendations on best practices and policies in primary, acute, and transitional health care with people with disabilities; 2) To disseminate synthesize recommendations on best practices and policies for acute, primary and transitional health care based on conference proceedings. The Alliance made commitments to support the conference goals including building consensus for the proposed professional competencies for all healthcare professionals; and a repository of curriculum materials and resources.

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